About Friedrich

Fg_portrait Born in 1929 in Schiltach in the Black Forest, Germany, Friedrich worked for Grohe Armaturen in Hemer, Westfalen for much of his young adulthood. He established a sister company in Lahr in the Black Forest and in 1963 organized a merger and became CEO, leaving in 1970.

He then settled in Switzerland and spent the next ten years ski touring, climbing mountains and collecting paintings. After reading a book by Krishnamurti, he attended K's talks in Saanen and met him in 1983, then attended most of his talks around the world.

Friedrich became a trustee of Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (England) and Krishnamurti Foundation India in 1984; he is an honorary trustee of Krishnamurti Foundation of America. He is the author of The Beauty of the Mountain and founding editor of The Link

Extract from a short autobiography:

"I have two sons, six flowering grandchildren and contact with my extended family. There is interaction with the Krishnamurti Foundations and Schools in India, California and especially at Brockwood Park in England, together with an international team of friends (KLI – Krishnamurti Link International). I feel deeply connected to nature. There are frequent walks, the high mountain hut near Sulzfluh during the summer, and picture-taking. Every day there is something fascinating in the news (if frequently awful) regarding the world and the human psyche. There is an interest in nature protection and ecology – I’ve had solar panels on my houses since the late 1970s and haven’t owned a car for more than 10 years, doing very well without one – and an interest in the possibility of self-understanding and an education that might bring about a more compassionate society. Above all, there is wonder regarding life and the origin of all things. "