The Beauty of the Mountain

The Beauty of the Mountain, my memories of Krishnamurti, was compiled after Krishnamurti asked the trustees of the Foundations whether we would be able to convey the perfume of what it was like to be around him.

When people ask me what Krishnamurti was like as a person, I reply that he was full of love and affection, and also recall something which struck me deeply that he said during a public talk and also in one of the discussions with David Bohm that came to be part of The Ending of Time, "Love has no cause."

The Beauty of the Mountain includes photographs and incorporates two of Krishnamurti’s important statements about the Schools: ‘Brockwood Today and in the Future’ and ‘The Intent of Oak Grove School’.

From the Preface: "I would like to record here a number of seemingly insignificant events which may yet convey that this extraordinary human being did indeed live the so-called Teachings."

The Link Magazine

The 2011 issue of The Link is the 29th and last issue. For a decade and a half the Link served as a liaison between the various groups of people around the world interested in the teachings. Krishnamurti, who was naturally such a link during his lifetime, had expressed concern over what would become of the teachings after his death. The Link was inspired in response to this concern.

The Link's function was not to spread the teachings, but to keep people informed of what is going on in the Krishnamurti information centres, schools, foundations and related projects; to give individuals the opportunity to report about their investigations, their activities, their relationship to the world and to the teachings.

The Link was produced by Krishnamurti Link International (KLI). Photographs in The Link were taken by Friedrich Grohe unless stated otherwise.

All back issues are available for free download on the website . As with the print version of the Link, it is possible to submit and read articles, ask questions and make comments regarding the teachings online.